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AFFCU Value Checking

The Perfect Everyday
Checking Account

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  • Overview

    Value Checking

    The AFFCU Value Checking Account is a 100% free checking account! It is the perfect everyday checking account with no monthly service fee and no minimum balance required. This account is designed for those who want to keep banking simple and secure, while also enjoying a few great benefits.


    • Minimum Opening Deposit: $25
    • Monthly Service Fee: $0 (no minimum daily balance required)

    Standard Features Include

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    1 Transactions that qualify for Cash Rewards will receive 12 cents cash back for every signature-based transaction made with a debit card that is five dollars or more. Not all checking accounts are eligible for Cash Rewards. The credit union reserves the right to determine if transactions processed under the Cash Rewards program are usual and customary. For transactions that are not usual and customary, they are 1) not eligible for the rewards payment and 2) may result in a loss of debit card privileges and any accrued rewards cash.
    2 Courtesy Pay is not a guarantee and must be qualified for. It is not available for all checking account and limits and fees will apply.

    Value Checking Benefits Include:

    $0 Monthly Service Fee

    No Minimum Daily Balance Required


    Value Checking Benefits Do NOT Include:

    Cash Rewards


    Courtesy Pay


    Dividends Earned


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    View Checking Accounts

    Checking Account Interactive Lesson

    Explore how checking accounts work through the AFFCU Financial Education Center. Learn about their features, how to make payments with a check, and the difference between a debit and credit card.

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