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What our members are saying


“Willing to go the Extra Mile”

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe the warmth, understanding, and compassion I have received from Helen Collenback. She has been an angel on earth helping me throughout this past year during my bankruptcy making sure everything was completed to keep my car, all the way to helping me figure out my options during this pandemic. I wish there were more people like Helen who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients without hesitation. Thank you Helen and the staff of AFFCU!

– Jennifer W., AFFCU Member since 2018

“Outstanding Experience with Michelle”

The reason I love AFFCU is because they treat me like family whenever I call the branch. I recently bought a new home and I needed to renovate my old house sell it. Now, I had more than one account as we should for diversity. This credit union that I had been a member of for at least 10 years and I had bought 7 cars ($200k) with them would not give me a signature $15,000 dollars. I asked them why, they said because I had never requested that type of money from anyone and they were not willing to approve that amount. They came back with a counter offer of $5,000 and I said I needed $15,000. So, I requested a higher-level review and since I had spent more than $200k with them. They came back with the same decision and denied the loan. I then went online with AFFCU and requested the same amount at midnight. At 7:00 am the following morning, I received a call from AFFCU and they told me the money was in my account. It was then that I knew who my real family was. Once, I sold my house I went into another credit union, paid off all my cars and fired them as a financial provider. Now, that in itself would be a reason enough to talk about AFFCU. But their customer service is beyond reproach, I recently needed to buy a car for my mother, the car was older with low mile. With it being older than what the credit union would finance I got worried. The professionalism of Michelle Harrington was nothing less than “outstanding”. We talked about my options and within 30 mins, she had figured out how I could get the car and get it at the lowest possible rate. Being a praying man, God answered my prayers and delivered an Angel. This is why I will never turn my back on AFFCU and they will be who I go to whenever I need any financial assistance.

– Joseph Strahan, AFFCU Member since 2008

“Seamless Experience”

During this Covid-19 Pandemic and the associated disruption of our business, my company wanted to apply for an SBA Payroll Protection Plan loan. Historically we have had our business checking, savings and line of credit accounts with a large national bank entity. This large bank was sluggish and slow to respond when approached about this SBA stimulus program, Because there was a limited time to apply for the available funds, we sought out another potential lender. We approached several other banks but they would only do these PPP loans with existing business customers. However, AFFCU, a Federal Credit Union, was welcoming and we were able to open an account, then make the PPP loan application and get approved by the SBA in about 1 week’s time. This allowed us to make payroll for a few months and continue operations until business activities began to recover from the pandemic.

– David Frashier, AFFCU Member since 2020

“Kudos to Jehu”

The reason I love AFFCU is for a lot of reasons, but definitely this is all about Jehu Esquivel. Back in 1993, I had gone into the center on Lackland AFB. I don’t remember the reason, but I remember Jehu. He was absolutely knowledgeable about a lot of the questions I had, but that is when he introduced me to more things I didn’t even know I was able to do. One being Bill Pay!! I’m sure eventually, with everyone using this, I would of figured it out but he showed it to me, explained it to me, was very patient with me and all my questions and concerns! Fast forward to now, and he is still helping me with questions and concerns!!! Always so polite, even when I insist on him calling me Angiela, he still calls me Mrs. Willrich as if we are going back to that first day!
Please allow me to send KUDOS to Jehu!!!!! I always feel so comfortable when either going in to the center he is at (which I have followed him) or calling in to him!!!!!

– Angiela Willrich, AFFCU Member since 1986

“All of the staff is incredible”

AFFCU has been extremely helpful to me in my process of purchasing my first home. It can be really stressful, terrifying and nerve-racking all at the same time. But going into the credit union, asking questions and making sure that all my funds were in the right area is always easy. All of the staff is incredible. They have been accessible to me through email and whenever I need them. For that, I am truly grateful.

– Chloe Palacios, AFFCU Member since 2017

“I can’t thank AFFCU enough”

Since I was a young boy I always wanted a Dodge 330 426 Max Wedge but never thought I would get the chance to own one. That was until August 2014 when I found the car of my dreams at a local dealership. With the expert help of the credit union representative, I was able to make my dream a reality and I can’t thank AFFCU enough.

– John Hooper, AFFCU Member since 2014

“They treat me like family”

AFFCU is awesome! They treat me like family whenever I walk into any branch. They care about your financial situation and take the time to help you improve your credit. They will tell you what you need and put their money where their mouth is. They helped me get a loan to start my recovery process to a better credit score. Now they just approved me for a car loan and I couldn’t be happier with AFFCU!

– Joe Fernandez, AFFCU Member since 2013

“I will continue to be a member for life”

What isn’t to love about AFFCU? Great customer service, great products, and overall great experiences! Thank you for always being there to take care of my financial needs for over 30 years! I will continue to be a member for life!”

– Debra Prothro, AFFCU Member since 1983

“Thank you AFFCU”

I have been a member as far back as I can remember and I have been very satisfied. Recently, I ran into a problem and the representative went beyond my expectations. I truly appreciate them. Thank you AFFCU.

– Mary DeGeus


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