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Online Bill Pay

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  • The advantages of online bill pay

    Online bill pay is the perfect feature for our many members with busy lives – and it’s free! Online bill pay costs you nothing. Rather than spending valuable time and money each month on stamps, checks and envelopes, you can handle everything in one place online. Schedule payments whenever you need them, or if you prefer to “set it and forget it”, choose an automatic, recurring option. You can even pay individuals directly using Popmoney. Using online bill pay makes it easy to keep track of all your important financial matters.


    To sign up for online bill pay, log in to your account via Online Banking, click on the Bill Pay tab and in the page click the link. You’re done. Once this step is completed, you will be able to set up and manage all of your payments from one place.

    • Schedule payments in advance and arrange recurring payments
    • Download payment information into Quicken®
    • Get the highest level of security, with online payments leader CheckFree
    • Speed up bill paying—pay multiple bills at once
    • Pay person-to-person with Popmoney

    "With the expert help of the credit union representative, I was able to make my dream a reality and I can’t thank AFFCU enough.”

    Jon Hooper, member since 2014
    Easy online sign up

    Enroll in online bill pay through our online banking system.

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