Security Policy

One of our top priorities at AFFCU is to keep information about your accounts private and secure. We’re proud to have earned your trust by offering the highest level of security, using the latest encryption technology for online transactions and providing the strongest virus and firewall protection available.

We access your personal information only when it is necessary to service or maintain your accounts.

We do not share any of your information with third parties except as allowed or required by law and as necessary to provide service to you. Additional detail about your rights to privacy are available in our Privacy Policy.

You should know that it is the policy of AFFCU to never contact you by phone or by e-mail to solicit confidential or sensitive information such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. for any reason.

If you contact us, we may ask you to provide personal information as a way to verify your identity and authorize us to service or maintain your accounts.

We recommend that you do not provide us with any personal information in any way (by phone or by e-mail) that might not be “secured”.

Additionally, it is our policy to decline transmitting any confidential or sensitive information about you or your accounts in any way (phone or e-mail) that is not considered “secured”.

When We May Contact You

We may contact you by phone or by e-mail if we are responding to your request for information or we need more information about a service you are requesting.

We may also contact you by e-mail if we need you to address an issue with your account (e.g., loan delinquency or escheatment) and we have been unable to contact you in any other way.

If we contact you by e-mail, we will personalize the message to you to help assure you that the communication is genuine.

We may also contact you by phone or by e-mail to inform you about promotional or informational services that the credit union is offering from time to time. You may notify us of your right to opt-out of this type of contact at any time.

If we send an informational or promotional e-mail message to you, we may provide links to our web site within the message to help you easily access detail or applications. You may also go directly to our web site at if you choose not to access links in any e-mail message.

Unsolicited Requests For Information

If you receive an unsolicited phone call or e-mail message from someone claiming to be us, someone claiming to represent us – or any source – requesting personal information from you, we recommend that you check with us or the other entities before providing the information to make sure these requests are legitimate.

If you’re on the phone, hang up, find the organization’s number and call the organization. Do not allow the caller to “transfer” you to someone else or provide you with a number to call.

If you’re online, find the organization’s number or web site and contact the organization. Do not use the web site or e-mail address links provided in the message you received.