Online Services

AFFCU Bill Pay—Fast, Secure and Easy!

The AFFCU Bill Pay system gives you the latest in online bill payment technology, powered by the online payments leader CheckFree.

First, you should know that this bill pay system contains the highest level of security for you and your accounts. Second, we think you’ll find that it is very user friendly—and best of all, it’s still free!

With our Bill Pay system, you can pay anyone in the U.S. guaranteed,1 plus you can easily:

  • Make payments that are safe, secure and guaranteed against errors or late payments
  • Schedule payments in advance and recurring payments
  • Download payment information into Quicken®
  • Speed up bill paying—pay multiple bills at once
  • Pay person to person with Popmoney
  • And so much more!

Easy Access and Complete Control

Paying your bills online is a simple, secure and convenient way to handle all your monthly and individual expenses. Now is the time to get started with our great, new and improved FREE online service.

Sign up for online bill payment today, and simplify your life.

1 Some exceptions apply. See Terms & Conditions.