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Service members
• Active Duty members of the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Air National Guard
• Midshipmen and cadets
• Enrolled in Officer Candidate program
• Reservists
• Retirees and annuitants
• DoD Civilian Employees
• U.S. Government Employees Assigned to DoD Installations
• DoD Contractors Assigned to U.S. Government Installations
• DoD Civilian retirees and annuitants
• Employees of this Credit Union
• Returned members with records in this Credit Union
• Willing to join or current member of The Airman Heritage Foundation.
Select Employee Group
• Member or employee of a Select Employee Group (SEG) (see list)
• Member or employee of San Antonio Churches (see list)
Family Members
• Immediate family member of a service member
• Extended family member of a current member
• Spouse of deceased member

What you will need to join

  • Valid Driver’s License/State ID/Passport
  • Valid United States Social Security Number
  • Information for any Joint Account Owners you will be adding to the account
  • Information for any account you wish to switch over to AFFCU

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If you are in doubt or have any questions about your eligibility to become a member, contact us toll-free at 800.227.5328 or send us an email to

Service members and employees of organizations working under a contractual agreement with the Department of Defense, who are assigned to, stationed at, or work at any United States Government installation, facility, or unit, afloat or ashore in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi.

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