Student Reloadable Cards

Give Them the Freedom to Spend Responsibly

This card is designed for teens and college students.
The reloadable prepaid card helps parents or guardians teach the financial responsibility of using a plastic card to their kids, while supporting them on their expenses and setting a spending limit.

Parents/Guardians Love It Students Want It
• The card works like a debit card but without being part of a checking account.
No overdrawing: students can only spend what is loaded on the card!
No ATM cash withdraw fee1 or APR2, similar to a debit card.
• Parents/guardians (like you) have access to the account and can monitor the spending.
Easy to reload! You can reload the Student Card by phone, or 24-hour online or stop by your local branch.
Zero loading fees, unlike many reloadable prepaid cards.
Zero Liability3 in case the card is lost or stolen, and unauthorized purchases are made.
• They can make purchases in stores and online with their Student Card just like with a credit card.
Parents can provide funds to the students while away, avoiding the risk of carrying cash.
24-hour cash: if needed, they can go to an ATM or grocery store and ask for cash back.
It can be used outside the U.S.!
• Helps students budget and manage their money.
Email and text notifications are available to help them manage their money.

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1 No fees at co-op ATMs and AFFCU ATMs.

2 APR = Annual Percentage Rate

3 Learn more about Zero Liability at

AFFCU Student Reloadable Cards Terms and Conditions