Coindexter Kid's Accounts

Coindexter Kid’s Accounts

One of the best ways to ensure your child grows up financially fit is to teach him/her about money: how to earn, save, spend, manage and invest money. This is why AFFCU offers the Coindexter Kid’s Club, exclusively for members 12 years old and younger.

When you open a savings account in your child’s name, with as little as $5, your child receives a free membership to Coindexter Club – see what the club is all about in the video below.

The Coindexter Club immerses your child in the exciting and educational world, where he/she learns how to earn, save, spend, manage and invest money – this unique virtual world allows children to explore and advance at their own pace while learning valuable money lessons.

Your child will also receive free quarterly newsletters and special birthday cards personalized specifically to him/her, along with additional rewards and incentives throughout the year.

These powerful tools will teach your child about money and help you raise a money-smart kid. Give them the head start you wish you’d had.

Open a Coindexter Kid’s Account for your Child, now!

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