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Home Improvement Loans

The possibilities are endless

Currently available in Texas and Colorado*

  • Overview

    Home Improvement Loan

    AFFCU Home Improvement loan benefits include:

    • Renovate your bathroom, kitchen or add a pool1
    • Increase the value of your home
    • Possible tax benefits to you2





    Apply Today

    *Loans must be on single family detached residential property located in Texas or Colorado. Please check back as additional states will be made available in the future.
    1Estimate or contract for home improvement project must be provided.
    2Consult a tax advisor about your specific situation.
  • Rates

    Home Improvement Loan Rates

    Rates Effective as of: 05-24-2022
    TermRatesAPR1 as low asMonthly Payment2
    Up to 15 years4.74%5.139%$932.78
    Up to 20 years5.00%5.316%$791.95

    1 APR= Annual Percentage Rate. APR reflects the interest rate, as well as mortgage fees and other charges you may have to pay to get the loan. Financing available for properties in Texas or Colorado. Membership eligibility required. Loan subject to credit approval. Minimum loan amount may apply. Rate based on the loan amount and CLTV (combined loan-to-value) ratio. Rate may differ. Rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice; other restrictions may apply. Maximum CLTV on primary residences in Colorado up to 100% and 80% in Texas. Borrower may be responsible for additional costs such as origination fee, appraisal fee, credit report, title search, courtesy closing fee, and recording fee. Property insurance is required, including flood insurance where required.

    2 Payment examples based on a $120,000 loan amount. Rate assumes a ≤ 90% LTV and a minimum credit score of 700. Estimated payment does not include taxes and insurance premiums, actual payment may be greater.

  • Calculator

    Debt Consolidation Calculator

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  • HI Questions

    Frequency Asked Questions for Home Improvement Loans

    What can I use the funds from an AFFCU Home Improvement loan for?

    Home Improvement loan proceeds can only be used for repairing, rehabilitating, remodeling or improving a dwelling on the real property on which the dwelling is located.

    What state does my property need to be located in to apply for an AFFCU Home Improvement loan?

    Loans must be on single family detached residential property located in Texas or Colorado. Please check back as additional states will become available in the future.

    On what type of property can I get an AFFCU Home Improvement loan on?

    Loans must be on single family detached residential property located in Texas or Colorado. This would include a home, vacation home, duplex or condominium.

    Do I have to occupy the home I want to do the AFFCU Home Improvement loan on?

    Yes. It must be your primary residence, however in the case of a vacation or second home, you can get the loan on that property as long as it is not used as a rental for the life of the loan.

    How much can I borrow against my home’s value?

    100% of your home improvement costs can be financed if the mortgage balance plus the home improvements do not exceed 95% of the market value of your primary residence, or 90% of a second home.

    How do I determine my home’s value?

    An appraisal and a current title search are required on most AFFCU Home Improvement loans. Your mortgage specialist will determine what is required and will order these for you.

    What are the minimum/maximum loan amounts I can borrow?

    The minimum loan amount is $40,000. The maximum loan amount is $275,000 depending on your qualifications.

    Does AFFCU require points to be paid on the loan?

    AFFCU does not charge points on their Home Improvement loans; however you have the opportunity to pay points to reduce the rate. For instance, 1 point = 0.25% rate reduction. The maximum discount available is 2 points.

    Does AFFCU charge a loan application fee?

    No, there is no fee to apply for an AFFCU Home Improvement loan.

    Does AFFCU charge pre-payment penalties?

    No, there are no penalties charged for making extra payments on your AFFCU Home Improvement loan or paying it off early.

    Can I purchase supplies ahead of time?

    No work may begin or supplies purchased prior to the loan funding.

    Is Private Mortgage Insurance required on these loans?

    No. AFFCU does not charge PMI on their Home Improvement loans.

    Can I get an FHA or VA Home Improvement loan?

    Yes. Applications will be taken online only. The applications go directly to AFFCU’s mortgage partner, Certified Funding. If your application is incomplete, Certified Funding staff will call you and assist you with your application. Disclosures, documents, and closing coordination will be handled by Certified Funding.

    What if I didn’t want to get a contractor and wanted to do the repairs myself?

    A licensed contractor is required on AFFCU Home Improvement loans.

    What if I am a licensed contractor? Will I be able to do the improvements myself?

    Yes. If you are a licensed contractor, you can perform the work as you would any other project as long as you act independent of the project.

    Do I have to set up an escrow account?

    No escrow account is required.

    Do I have to get homeowner’s insurance?

    Homeowner’s insurance is required to cover the loan amount and any prior liens.

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