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Select Employee Group (SEG)

An Employee Benefit That Won’t Cost You a Dime

A Select Employee Group is a business partner of AFFCU that secures credit union membership eligibility for its employees at no cost and without the administrative responsibility of starting up a credit union on its own.

Why Should Your Company partner with a Credit Union

  • 54% of US employers offer credit union membership to their employees
  • It’s FREE and allows you to enhance your employee benefits, increase retention and attract more qualified workers at no cost to your business.
  • AFFCU handles enrollment, administration and more.

Benefits of Becoming a Select Employee Group:

By becoming a SEG of AFFCU, you’re making a bold statement to your employees that they deserve to have an option in financial institutions – an option that delivers an exceptional member experience. The benefits of becoming an SEG of AFFCU are two-fold – there are benefits to the company and benefits to the employees.

Benefits to the Company:

  • New Employee Orientation — We offer membership enrollment kits and do personal presentations at your new employee or member orientation meetings for free.
  • On-site Visits — Your company is important to us, for that reason and for your convenience we do on-site visits to serve a variety of financial needs.
  • Free Financial Education — Our Business Development Officer and Financial Trainers can hold on-site financial workshops on a variety of financial topics, which employees see as an added benefit and an investment of the company on their personal development, increasing employee loyalty. You may also use this knowledge and our educational flyers in your newsletter, on your bulletin boards or however you deem appropriate.
  • Access to the Free AFFCU Financial Education Center — Embark on an interactive journey to help you get “Fit Financially.” This is a tool AFFCU is providing to all our SEGs at no charge to help you improve your financial life. Prepare yourself with the right skills to manage your financial future!

Plus, employees under less stress, including financial stress, are able to shift all their focus on work at work. As the employer of financially fit employees, you’ll reap those rewards!

Benefits to the Employees:

  • Your employees are able to join AFFCU and acquire all the membership rights:
    • They will have access to some of the most competitive savings and loan rates in the market.
    • Your employees get the advice and the financial tools they need from people who care.
    • They will also have convenient access to over 200 CO-OP Shared Branches throughout Texas, more than 5,400 branches nationwide and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide.

Download Select Employee Group application letter

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To discuss your needs or for more information, call your AFFCU Business Development Officer at 210.678.5258 or stop by an AFFCU branch.