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Student Reloadable VISA® Cards

Spend safely

A perfect, prepaid starter Visa card for kids 13+

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  • The advantages of Student Reloadable VISA® Cards

    Our Student Reloadable VISA® Cards help parents teach teens financial independence and responsibility, while keeping parents informed, involved and in control. This card is a great tool for teens to learn how to budget and spend on their own. Teens can use it for domestic and international travels, shopping in stores, online, over the phone, and by mail order. There are zero loading fees, so parents can reload it again and again at no additional cost. Plus, the card ships straight to wherever you want it. Send it to your home, or right to your child if they’re away. To learn more about how to order a card and to read more of the most commonly asked questions, visit the FAQ page.


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    • Reload money onto the card anytime online, 24 hours a day
    • Emails and text notifications are available to help teens manage their money
    • Great for monitoring and tracking spending
    • Perfect for travel: no cash needed
    • Teach teens to budget and use a card
    • Convenient mobile app (available for IOS and Android)

    “What isn’t to love about AFFCU? Great customer service, great products, and overall great experiences! Thank you for always being there to take care of my financial needs for over 30 years! I will continue to be a member for life!”

    Debra Prothro, member since 1983
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    You can order these reloadable cards online and have them shipped straight to your home.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our new Prepaid My Card Manager site is now live. Existing cardholders will need to create a new login using the “Get Started” link and choose the option “I have a card.” You will now have only one user login to access all your Reloadable cards on the Reloadable My Card Manager website, and the same user login can also be registered to access all your Gift cards on the Gift Card Manager website. Existing cards must be registered on the My Card Manager website before you attempt to purchase additional cards for yourself; be sure to log into My Card Manager before purchasing another card. Also, be sure to be logged in before linking your other prepaid reloadable or gift cards to your user login.

    • Yes, to reload visit the website, call the number listed on the back of their Prepaid Card, or visit your local AFFCU branch.
    • You can have alerts sent to only one mobile phone number (standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply).
    • Our simple yet powerful dashboard is designed to provide you with your most important information all on one screen. The dashboard contains your available balances for general spending, budgeting, your set-aside funds, recent transactions and loads along with critical account and transactional messaging.
    • The My Card Manager Spend Tracking budgeting component will track your purchases based on budget category. If you choose, upon your initial use of the Prepaid Card, we will track your transactions for the first 30 days. After those 30 days, we will automatically create budget categories and amounts based upon those transactions. You will always have the opportunity to edit (add/delete/change) the budget categories and change the suggested budget amounts. Using the intelligence within the My Card Manager system, we will proactively keep you informed when you are spending within your budget or spending at a rate that is below or above your estimated budget.
    • No, we do not decline transactions based on Spend Tracking. The budgeting display is informational and does not affect your ability to make purchases within your available Prepaid Card balance. However, the money allocated towards your Set-aside funds has been set aside and is not part of your available balance.
    • Spend Tracking on the dashboard on the website or the My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) tells you how much of your current balance we expect you to spend based on your budget settings.
    • You can set-aside funds automatically and start saving money towards a larger purchase. Using the My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) or website, you set up a goal for us to automatically transfer an amount from your available balance towards the goal as frequently as you would like. While the funds are being held for the goal, they will not be part of your available balance.
    • No, the funds are still on your reloadable Prepaid Card; My Card Manager just removes them from your available balance so you do not spend them. You can move them out of your Set-aside balance and back into your available balance at any time.
    • You can transfer the funds out of Set-aside back to your available balance at any time using the My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) or website.
    • Money to Set-aside on the dashboard on the My Card Manager website and mobile app (available on IOS and Android) shows how much of your current balance is scheduled to be automatically moved to your upcoming goals.
    • You can report your Prepaid Card lost or stolen by logging into our website or the My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) and order a replacement card. We also provide 24-hour toll-free support. Immediately report any problems or a lost or stolen card by calling 866-901-8090.
    • You can lock and unlock your Prepaid Card at any time by logging in to your My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) or website, selecting Manage Card, then selecting “Lock my Card.” You can also call us any time at 866-901-8090. While your Prepaid Card is locked, it will be declined for any purchases.
    • The Parent can view all transactions and receive alerts for the dependent’s activity. The Parent loads and manages the scheduled loads to the dependent account. The Parent can set up Set Aside Goals and Budgets for the dependent. If the Parent locks the dependent card, only the Parent can unlock it. The Parent can turn ON/OFF the ability for the Student/Dependent to Show Card Details, Lock/Unlock Card and Change their PIN, when OFF, only the Parent can perform these functions.
    • You can use the Forgot Password function, an email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.
    • For security purposes, we register every device you use to access your Prepaid Card. When we do not recognize a device, we will send you a text message with a code to register it (standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply). If you do not receive the text message or would prefer that we do not send you one, you may call cardholder support at 800-274-3004 to receive your verification code.
    • Your Prepaid Card can be activated by logging into this Prepaid Card site and clicking on the Activate Card button; it then prompts you to choose a 4 digit PIN. You may also call the customer support number listed on the back of your Prepaid Card to activate it. An assigned PIN will be automatically spoken after your Prepaid Card is activated; you will have the opportunity to select a new PIN if you choose.
    • Our Visa Prepaid Card can be purchased by our members in branch, or online via the My Card Manager website with a valid debit or credit card registered in his or her name. The individual purchasing the Prepaid Card is defined as the primary cardholder. The address listed for the primary cardholder must match the billing address for the debit/credit card used to purchase the Prepaid Card. When purchasing a secondary card for a young person with no card experience, be sure to go over all of the materials that accompany the Prepaid Card.
    • To learn more about the current limits, please reference your terms and conditions.
    • With a pending transaction, the transaction has been authorized for a specific amount, but that transaction has not been submitted for final settlement. The funds are still on your Prepaid Card but are reserved and cannot be used. With a posted transaction, the transaction has been submitted and cleared for payment to the merchant, and the amount of the transaction has been deducted from the funds available on your Prepaid Card.
    • Your Prepaid Card My Card Manager mobile app (available on IOS and Android) and website will provide you with up to date information on all your transactions. You can always view this information by accessing the website at or by contacting 866-901-8090.
    • Once you activate your Prepaid Card, you will receive periodic electronic statements showing all activity on your Prepaid Card.
    • You can check your balance at here or by calling your local AFFCU branch; or by calling customer support at 866-901-8090. Since a merchant may not be able to tell how much money is on the Prepaid Card, keeping track of your balance is a sure way to know how much you have to spend.
    • It's a reloadable prepaid Visa debit card (Prepaid Card”), which means you can spend up to the value placed on the Prepaid Card anywhere Visa cards are accepted. You can shop in stores, online, over the phone, and by mail order. You can get cash at ATMs worldwide. Each time you make a purchase, the amount of that purchase is automatically deducted from the Prepaid Card.
    • The following forms outline the fees for Student Reloadable Visa® Cards:
    • STEP 1.  You can order a Student Reloadable VISA® Card online by clicking here, order a card by calling 866.901.8090 or you can visit your nearest local AFFCU branch who will be able to assist you through this process.


    For more information or if you have a question, please get in touch with us.

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