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There Is a Super Saver in All of Us

The road to financial well-being can be a long one, whether we are working toward debt recovery, building our home and family life or working toward retirement. We always seem to rise up, because there is a Super Saver in all of us!

Be bold. Be brave. Be a Super Saver!

Join the league. Learn how you can become a Super Saver.

Becoming a Super Saver is about knowing where to use your money and making the right decisions that prevent you from losing money, while helping you save. AFFCU is here to help with great tips, service, super low loan rates and great certificate earnings!

  • Get extra cash
  • Have a great credit score
  • Accomplish your financial goals, e.g. buy the car of your dreams, the perfect house, become a business owner, help your kids pay for college, retire a millionaire
  • Live a life full of meaning and value
  • Do good. Help others become Super Savers!

Join the League

Military personnel are required to be alert and ready for service. Financial preparedness and being ready for duty go hand in hand. When the people who serve are on solid financial footing, it helps the nation’s military stay focused and strong.” Jeff Burch, financial teacher for U.S. Military personnel

When I was a poor law professor, we didn’t have the money to pay for trips out of savings. So what we’d do, in effect, is finance them with credit. We knew we could pay it off. Vacations are a great way to build irreplaceable memories. ” Dr. Miller

AFFCU lives by the philosophy of “People Helping People”. Helping members become prosperous since 1952.