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Stay Alert: Monitor Your Debit Card and Credit Card for Fraud

Debit and credit card fraud can happen when scammers illegally access your personal and payment information to make unauthorized purchases. Keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority at AFFCU, but we want to make sure you know how to defend yourself against compromised cards too.

Protecting Your Account – We want to encourage you to regularly monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity with CyberMAT Online Banking or the Go AFFCU Mobile App. If you suspect an unusual purchase or transaction on your account, contact AFFCU immediately. Other ways you can stop fraudsters from collecting your information are:

    • Avoid using public Wi-Fi and stick to reputable websites when online shopping.
    • Keep an eye out for card skimmers at ATMs, gas stations, or any other place you swipe your card.
    • Protect personal information by shredding or destroying any receipts, bank statements, and other identifying documents before discarding them.
    • Remember, AFFCU will never contact you to ask for your Personal Identification Number (PIN), CVV code (three digits on the back of your debit card), or your complete Social Security Number.
    • Report lost or stolen cards to us immediately.
    • Keep your contact information up-to-date so our partner, Falcon Credit & Debit Card Fraud Monitoring, can alert you of suspicious purchases.
    • Set up debit card alerts through CyberMAT Online Banking.

    Rest assured AFFCU is continually monitoring for threats and actively taking security measures to protect you and your family.

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